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Based in Winnipeg, Tugging At Your Artstrings creates custom string art pieces to add to your home! We also offer ready-made pieces for you to order.

We have a selection of Madison's own designs that continues to grow and we are happy to do custom orders as well! Each piece takes a lot of time and patience to create and we love every moment of it.

Don’t live in Winnipeg? No worries! Products can be shipped to you!

*Free delivery options available in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Madison Danuška Dagenais has always been surrounded by family and friends who are full or artistic talent. Once she found a medium she loved, it was easy for her to embrace that side of her as well. Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba gives Madison exposure to art everywhere she goes and there is always something to be inspired by. 

Madison enjoys traveling,music,photography and is constantly sketching new designs to create into string art.

If you couldn't already tell, Madison enjoys a good pun, or any pun actually. Don't let that turn you away though, not everyone is perfect but her puns get pretty close. 


Madison believes that art allows people to connect to each other and share parts of their lives in such a pure way. 

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